Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Tax Resolution Specialist

  • August 3, 2021
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As a company for certified tax resolution specialists, MC Tax Relief provides answers to the issues that many taxpayers have before working with a reputable tax settlement firm. Here are some things to know about tax problem settlement for persons looking for tax relief from past taxes.

1) The first question many people have is how long it takes to fix their tax problems  and receive tax relief.
A : A typical tax resolution case takes 3–4 months from the moment we get all of the necessary evidence, providing the person is compliant and has filed all of their tax returns. Some cases can take up to 9 months or more to resolve.

2) What paperwork does a tax resolution company require in order to settle and fix a tax problem ?
A : A tax resolution specialist from a reputable tax resolution company would get the taxpayer's tax records as well as financial accounts in order to assess the taxpayer's collection potential (RCP).

3) Can tax resolution be done if the taxpayers do not have all of the necessary paperwork to file unfiled tax returns ?
A : Yes, a reputable tax resolution firm can obtain your tax records, such as W2s, 1099s, and 1098s. The taxpayer does not need to be concerned about obtaining their lost or misplaced tax records.

4) Is it possible for me to fix my tax problem with my own tax preparer ?
A : According to our experience, it is more helpful and cost-effective for the taxpayer to hire a certified tax resolution specialist who is well-versed in and specializes in the field of tax problem resolution and representation. Don't skimp on your legal representation; it's your right to be protected and to understand all of your tax relief alternatives.

5) How much does your service cost ?
A : Simple: we handle the taxpayer's tax problem for a fair flat cost; the taxpayer incurs no additional fees. During the initial free consultation, all prices are quoted to the client.

6) Another common and crucial question is who will handle the taxpayer's case from beginning to end ?
A : This question does not sit well with all IRS tax resolution companies. Many companies will assign you to "consultants," "assistants," "case managers," and so on. As an A+ rated firm, your case is handled from beginning to end by our certified tax resolution specialist. He will act as your power of attorney and represent you before the IRS at all levels of administration.

7) Will IRS audit assistance be available from tax resolution professionals ?
A : Yes, an IRS audit can be represented by a reputable and licensed tax resolution specialist. At MC Tax Relief, we represent all of his clients, and the clients are surprised to learn that they are not required to attend the audit in person.

When You Need a Tax Resolution Specialist ?

As much as we'd like for all of our tax issues to be neatly wrapped up in a 30-minute episode, that's not how life works. Most people lack the expertise or representation necessary to go head-to-head with the government, but the IRS is staffed with attorneys and specialists who are well-versed in tax law.

Having a certified tax resolution specialist working for you may bring peace of mind, comfort, and, most importantly, resolution for people.

What is a Tax Resolution Specialist ?

A certified tax resolution specialist (CTRS) aids clients with tax concerns by acting as a liaison between the customer and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They have a thorough understanding of tax issues and are experienced negotiators. These professionals are Certified Public Accountants, IRS Enrolled Agents or Tax Attorneys.

After completing these degree programs, a CTRS must get job experience and obtain applicable qualifications before taking the CTRS test. You won't find anybody more knowledgeable in their profession than them. Those who hold the CTRS certificate must also complete continuing education requirements in order to preserve their eligibility.

So, when should I get in touch with a certified tax resolution specialist ?

Most individuals desire to save money by doing as much as they can themselves. This isn't, however, a case where you can change your own oil. When dealing with tax issues, it is important to contact a professional who is familiar with tax law and can negotiate on your side.

Here are 5 situations in which you should contact a CTRS :

1. When the IRS comes after you
If you're getting repeated IRS phone calls and letters to the point where you've stopped responding, it's time to hire a certified tax resolution specialist. The IRS is no longer authorized to contact you directly once you sign a power of attorney granting your CTRS the authority to represent you.

2. You owe a lot of money
When you owe the IRS more than $10,000, you need to know your payment alternatives. There are compromise proposals, penalty reduction schemes, and other options. You should usually see a specialist unless you are completely educated about such applications.

3. If you haven't filed taxes in over a year
There are many reasons why individuals do not file their taxes; some are excellent reasons, others are understandable reasons, and occasionally there is no good reason at all. If you haven't filed in a while for any reason, it's time to get in touch with a certified tax resolution specialist.

4. You don't know what to do
If you're dealing with back taxes, collections, payroll tax issues, wage garnishments, bank levies, or innocent spouse relief (among other things), you should see a tax resolution specialist. Tax rules and regulations are constantly changing, and it is the responsibility of your CTRS to keep up with this knowledge. It is critical to speak with someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of the tax system if you have any tax concerns.

5. The IRS, like you, is human and may make mistakes :
The IRS claims you owe a lot more money than you believe you do. Never take anything at face value; instead, keep in mind that the IRS is made up of humans, and all people are prone to making mistakes. Rather than accepting it, contact a CTRS to examine your case and determine who is truly at blame.

Who do you call for a free case analysis now that you have the answers?

Contact MC Tax Relief at (855) 540-0850/ (206) 282-0141.

Members of the MC Tax Relief team are IRS enrolled agents and members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the leading organization that assists troubled taxpayers. The licensed enrolled agents and clerical support personnel at MC Tax Relief are regularly educated on tax relief concerns, tax updates, and case management training.