4 Essential Reasons to Choose a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

  • July 13, 2021
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A tax resolution specialist is a financial or legal expert who assists individuals and corporations in resolving their tax issues. These tax professionals are well-versed in IRS tools such as offers in compromise, penalty abatement, and payment arrangements.

The American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) offers the Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) designation. Candidates must pass a tough two-part exam and meet stringent education and experience requirements.
Some people may feel compelled to contact the IRS personally. Certified Tax Resolution Specialists have worked on a wide range of situations with a variety of outcomes. There are times when expert assistance is required for the best possible outcome.

In this blog, we’ll learn about the 4 indispensable reasons to choose a certified tax resolution specialist.

1. Routine Failure to File Taxes

People who forget to file their taxes for the first time are usually forgiven by the IRS. They even provide a first-time penalty waiver that includes failing to submit or late payments. Unfortunately, the IRS does not grant the same mercy to regular non-filers, and they will be required to pay interest and penalties.
A credible CTRS has already worked with non-filers and is familiar with settling tax issues and unpaid taxes. An offer in compromise or a payment plan with a penalty abatement are common resolutions, but they can be difficult to negotiate without the help of a professional.

2. Significant Taxes Owed

Installment agreements, payment plans, and offers in compromise are available to the majority of individuals and small businesses. People with large debt balances will be hit more by interest than those with smaller balances, but a tax resolution specialist knows how to work with the IRS.

While the IRS does not pardon interest, it does allow individuals and corporations to make a reasonable offer to settle their tax burden. A certified tax resolution specialist can help you with this. They work hard to get their customers the best possible tax debt settlement.

3. Combined Business and Personal Finances

It's usual for self-employed people and small business owners to mix their personal and business finances, especially early on in their company's development. This can result in incorrect federal and state tax returns. It can also have a big impact on how much money you owe in taxes.

Even after tax returns have been filed, a CPA may still be required to separate business and personal money. A CPA who has earned the certified tax resolution specialist accreditation, on the other hand, can handle both tax preparation and tax issues.

4. Questionable Levies or Liens

The IRS makes mistakes from time to time or gathers erroneous data. It is possible to appeal or contest tax liens and levies, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort to keep track of everything.
Lien or levy clearance frequently necessitates the assistance of a professional. A CTRS can also help individuals with innocent spouse relief if they have tax problems due to their spouse’s misrepresented information on tax returns.

Choosing the Right Tax Resolution Expert

Finding and selecting tax problem solvers might be difficult. There are hundreds of organizations to research, and not all of them have the best interests of their clients at heart. A professional tax resolution expert will have a track record of recurring instances, numerous client testimonials, and a comprehensive list of tax services.

A good certified tax resolution specialist will have specialized experience and situations that are similar to yours. They'll be able to provide quantifiable evidence of their competence.

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